Are you ready for one of the most powerful experiences of your life?
Ready to come back to the home of yourself?

During The Breath Journey you will be guided to breathe through your physical, emotional and mental layers to end up re-connected with your True Self.
By practicing a simple, natural and accessible breathing technique you will experience how powerful and self healing your own breath is!
It’s an effective way to release tension that we all carry in our mind and bodies.
Have you ever asked yourself the question: am I breathing the right way?
Your breath brings you in the here and now. It will improve your health and much more…

What can you experience in your Breath Journey

Re-connect with your body and natural breath flow
Experience your most powerful, self -healing system – the breath
A great release – whatever you are ready for
Connect with your emotions and feelings in a safe way
Heart opening
Express yourself fully with movement & toning
Inner peace & Connectedness
Joy & the celebration of life!
Peace of mind and deep relaxation

This group event under professional guidance is organized around the globe in yoga studios, on festivals, wellness centers, spa’s or in the comfort of your own living room!

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When you allow your body to breathe freely you will exude an air of confidence and ease so that your real beauty – who you are – can shine through. What makes you feel good can also make you look good. 


• Welcome, registration and arriving
• Introduction Nadine and The Breath Journey
• Breath awareness meditation and exercise 

• Tips, advice and information of how to use the breath in daily life
• Demonstration and information of the technique that we will use
• Setting an individual intention for our breath journey
• Happy Dance to activate the breath
• The Breath Journey –  full guided breath session
• Closing, connecting and sharing

This workshop is under the professional guidance of certified breath coach and yoga teacher Nadine, who has years of experience of guiding people on their unique journey with different backgrounds and nationalities. The groups will always be small, since personal care and guidance are priority. 



Re-connect with your body and natural breath flow
Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
Efficient release of toxins (good detox!)
Freedom of expression
Letting go of control, tension and suppressed emotions
Experience space in your breath, mind, body and in your life
Support the process of inner growth
Overall feeling of joy, inner peace and relaxation



Movement tells you where the breath is moving… and where it is not

The Breath Journey & Yoga workshop is very popular among yoga teachers and students, although anyone can attend!

Often in collaboration with yoga teachers, this workshop will have a 45 – 60 minutes addition of gentle yoga practice, to warm and open up the body. Beautiful about this experience is that it can deepen your yoga and meditation practice!

You can read more about the benefits for your yoga practice here.

yoga and breathing


The Breath Journey workshops are hosted in worldwide collaborations. We are always open to suggestions and new locations where the healing power of the breath can be shared.

Please check the agenda for the upcoming events.


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