Is breathwork for me?

Breathwork is for everybody. If you want to become more aware of your body and breathing pattern and want to improve your physical, emotional and mental state. If you are ready for positive changes in your life, want to improve your health, learn how to use your breath for relaxation, for letting go, releasing what you no longer need and breathe in what you want to have more of in your life.

Is breathwork safe?

Yes, it’s safe to work with the power of your own breath! The workshops and private sessions are organised under professional guidance. Also you can benefit from simple breathing exercises to start with, which you can find on this website. However, if you have any serious health conditions, check with your doctor first as well inform me before you attend any of the sessions. 

Which different types of breathwork are available?

There are many different ways and techniques to work with your breath. Maybe you have experienced this in a yoga or meditation class, during your exercise or you heard people talking about it. I always encourage you to try different ways of working with your breath, to see what works for you! Find a technique and coach/teacher that feel right for you or start trying simple exercises at home which you find on this website. The Breath Journey will make you aware how powerful and self-healing your own breathing is!

What is a natural breath flow, how do I breathe in the right way?

While growing up, we all lost our connection with our natural breath flow. There are many things that can affect our breathing pattern such as stress, suppressing emotions, negative thoughts or different life experiences. The fast performance oriented society we live in is also affecting us more then we realize.  We like to hold on control, even in our breathing! But the thing is: your body know how to breathe!  When your breath flows naturally, you will breathe in your belly and chest without any blockages in these areas or in the middle and you will feel balanced in your life. But we have to clear those blockages first, which is possible with breathwork, time and effort which I can promise will be rewarding!

Can breathwork help with health concerns?

Breathwork can be effective with health problems such as: stress, asthma, fatigue, unrest, concentration problems, back and shoulder pain, high blood pressure, headache, migraine, low energy and addictions. And there are many more benefits of breathwork, since so many symptoms are related to a disturb breathing pattern. However, if  you have serious health concerns, always advice your doctor first and inform your teacher/breath coach.

I have an depression or burn-out. Can breathwork help me?

Yes, but here I would advice you to start with a private session first, for personal care and guidance. Personally I experienced that by breathing through the layers of negative mental patterns and emotions, you can connect with your true self again. This will take time. But it’s worth trying, to help release all the tension that you carry with you and it can give you some energy again. However, if you have serious health concerns, always advice your doctor first and inform your teacher/breath coach. 

Am I breathing too fast?

A quick and easy way to measure this is to take a moment when you are relaxed, sitting in a chair. Count how many times you are breathing in 1 minute. The exhale should be longer then the inhale. In this condition, a repository rate of less then 10 times in 1 minute should be enough. 

How can I use breathwork in daily life?

Becoming aware is the first step! Taking several moments per day to feel how your breath flows, taking a few deep breaths and doing your breathing exercises every day will reward you with results. After attending The Breath Journey where you will experience how powerful your own breathing is, you will not take it for granted anymore.


How can I reserve my place in a workshop?

You can go to the events page and click on the event of your choice. Here you will find all the information and details! But in any case you can always send an email to or use the contact form on the website.

How many people will attend a workshop?

There are different workshops, with a different number of people. However, I always try to work with small groups of 8 people. This is to assure some personal care and guidance so you will experience the benefits.

How often should I join a workshop to get the benefits?

Most people experiences the benefits and changes in their lives, the power of the breathing after 1 workshop or session! The more you are ready and open for change, the faster you will experience the benefits! Even if you have no expectations or intentions, you will most properly always experience something the first time.

After how many breath journey’s can I use this technique at home?

Start practicing at home after your first experience for a few minutes  and build this up every day.  I would suggest you will join at least 5 workshops to feel safe and supported by your body and breathing to guide yourself at home for a full session. But this is up to you, you will learn to listen and trust your own body! Also you will get information and simple exercises to try at home.

What should I do if I have questions after the session or workshop?

If you can’t find a satisfying answer on your question on this website or page, don’t hesitate contact The Breath Journey any time by email or phone!

Should I choose for a private or group session?

To which one do you feel most attracted to? They both have their benefits! In a group session  you will share this journey with other people which can be beautiful and give you an extra push out of your comfort zone. In a private sessions you will get personal care and guidance to work on specific themes in your life. You will get a change to dive deeper into the journey. Another option is to attend a workshop and after you can decide for a private session.

Can I join if I have health problems?

Yes you can, since breathwork is beneficial for many health problems which are related to a disturbed breathing pattern. However, if you have serious health concerns, please advice your doctor first and inform us. It might be better to choose for a private sessions, since the focus will be only on you. 

I am pregnant. Can I join?

Congratulations! Yes, you can join after 3 months of pregnancy with the approval of your doctor and own inner guidance. Always inform us before hand too, since the experience will be a bit adjusted for pregnant women! Many other pregnant women enjoined connecting this way way with their body, breathing and baby.

How should I deal with the changes that occur in my life after attending a workshop?

The Breath Journey doesn’t stop after the workshop. In fact, you might feel the effect long after! Know that this is a normal process. You might feel great after the workshop and then it will change the day after or the other way around. Things can come up and you might experience changes physically, emotionally and mentally. If you need extra guidance in this, you can choose for a private session. If you have questions or want to share your experience, please contact The Breath Journey any time! 

I am sick or have an other reason to cancel my participation, what should I do now?

Please inform The Breath Journey or workshop organizer as soon as possible. We might be able to give you a alternative date. Cancellations 2 days before the workshop date will be charged 50% and cancellations on the workshop day will be fully charged, so no refund.


How can I book a private session?

You can contact The Breath Journey by phone or send an email to

Are the sessions confidential?

100%, yes!

What is the difference between a workshop and private session?

In a workshop you will have the experience with other people and in a private session all the focus will be on you. 

Why should I choose for a private session?

To dive deeper into your own, unique personal journey. To work on specific themes in your life, to get a personal breath analyze, breathing exercises for home and extra support and guidance. You can read more about this here.

What does coaching mean?

It means that you will get support, questions and a different view on the areas in your life where you are struggling with. But it can also simply mean advice and information which you can use in daily life. 

How does a private session look like?

In a private session you will get a personal breath analyze (observing your breathing pattern to see where you have blockages) this will tell a lot about yourself. Also you will get some coaching, tips and advice for daily life and depending on the number of sessions some homework (breathing exercises). Read more about your individual journey  here.

Why is the combination The Breath Journey & Yoga so beautiful?

The Breath Journey is not a pranayama practice, but can make you even more aware how powerful your own breathing is! As a teacher you know that in the breath we find the essence of yoga, and you will repeat this often to your students. But with The Breath Journey you will have a different breath experience which can help you release, let go and dive deeper into the connection with your body and breath. After working with several yoga teachers from different styles and backgrounds, they all loved this experience and felt the benefits in themselves, yoga practice and their students. Read the experiences from other yoga teachers here.

How can we collaborate together?

The Breath Journey is travelling world wide and open for any kind of collaboration! Please get in touch, so I can send you a detailed description of the workshop with different questions answered.

How does the workshop look like if we combine our love for yoga and breathing?

First of all, The Breath Journey is always open for inspiration and ideas! But in general, we will start the workshop with a soft and gentle yoga practice that is focused on opening the hips and chest to prepare the body for full breathing. After a small break, we will get all the information about breathing, why it’s so important and what we are going to do. Then we will dive into The Breath Journey together… Afterwards there is the possibility to share experiences and to give tips and advice for breathing exercises at home. This workshop is accessible for all styles, background and levels! Read some experiences  here.

Where did you do your training’s?

I attended the Transformational Breath seminar and level 4a in Thailand, with my trainers from the USA. Then my training was completed with the Breathwork & Coaching training in Turkey. Besides this I have certifications in reiki, integrated energy therapy, holistic massage, women’s healing art and 5 element dance. In Amsterdam I completed a 200-hours Yin Yoga Teacher training and my Yin/Yang teacher training was completed with Sarah Powers in Greece. All of this forms the base for The Breath Journey.

What is a Breath Coach?

A Breath Coach is trained to look at your breathing pattern and indicate where in your body you might have blockages. On base of this, you will get support and guidance during your workshop or private session.

With who can I share my experiences?

In a workshop we always take some extra time the experiences for the people who feel like this. Afterwards, you can always contact me, to share your experience. What did it do for you? I would love to hear! On the Facebook page of The Breath Journey there are many people who shared their experience in the reviews. On this website you can read some experiences as well and if I can add yours please email your testimonial to

Why is The Breath Journey often connected to yoga & meditation?

Yoga students have great benefits from joining The Breath Journey since it can deepen their practice. It’s not a pranayama practice, but a very powerful tool to become even more aware of your breathing. Even if you think you already knew (confirmed by teachers) you can read some of the experiences  here.




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