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Breath Journey for Two

Do you want to communicate better?
Do you want to deepen your relationship?
Do you want to share a special/fun experience?
Do you want to create more intimacy?
Do you want to learn how to deepen your connection?
Do you both want to improve your breathing pattern together?


Choose for a duo Breath Journey session!

Diving into this journey together, you will slowly move into your own space and inner world with the power of your breath. The sessions will always be professionally and loving guided, with space and respect for your wishes and intentions.
We will start and end the session together with the possibility to share your experiences and get advice on how to continue your practice in daily life.

Read more about breathwork & coaching or read more about private sessions

Duo Price and more information: thebreathjourney@gmail.com

~This session gave us what we were looking for. We feel more connected again, not only towards each other but connected to everything, the Universe. There is more breathing space in our bodies as well and we feel like we want to explore this more. Thank you! ~
Peter & Anne, the Netherlands 2015