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“One deep, conscious breath…
that’s all it takes to arrive back in your body IMG_1111 - kopie - kopieand back in this- present moment. Everything is connected to our breath and it is the most powerful, self-healing tool that we have in our own human body!
I would like to invite you to experience how powerful and transformational your own breath can be. Are you joining me on a unique journey?”

With the desire to explore the world I chose a study Tourism which gave me the gift of living and working in over 6 different countries over the past years.
During this time I discovered different cultures and life styles, made friendships for life and enjoyed the dreamy life as a travel representative for a big tour operator.
Although working in tourism gave me pleasure and great life experiences, my passion is felt deep and clear from a very young age: guiding people on their way to happiness and love.

Diving into my own seeking journey by reading tons of books, attending a number of (spiritual) workshops, training’s and sessions with different teachers, healers and body workers around the world.
Through this exploring journey I discovered that there are so many ways to heal, to re-connect, to love. It doesn’t matter what you choose, which road you go. It will always learn you something, you will always grow and it will always lead to new things.
One of my favorite sayings of one of my yoga teachers is that everything is connected to everything, which I still discover in daily life.

Over the years I got inspired by many international teachers and got certifications in, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, tarot readings, mediumship, 5 Element Dance, holistic massage therapies and Maya Abdominal Massage Therapy.
I tried and studied many different things, but one thing was felt so deeply and connected me back to my body, heart and to myself again: deep breathing. Simple, natural and so powerful!
After exploring the power of breath through different training’s (transformational breath foundation) and with many teachers, I still feel that working with the power of the breath is the most effective and accessible for everybody.
Besides my successful Breath Journey workshops where I let you experience what changed my life, I also integrate breathwork in my work as a Yin/Yang Yoga teacher. (trained by Sarah Powers)

While I will always continue learning and growing (because we are all teacher and student at the same time), for me the certifications are not the most important: it’s the intention that counts.
And my intention in every session is very simple but so powerful: its LOVE for what I do with passion and inspiration, which I will give you with a smile.

Everything that I do is guided by my intuition and sensitivity to guide you on your own unique path.

Nadine, who is originally from the Netherlands, has offered her therapies & workshops in several countries and is traveling around the globe to spread the healing power of the breath. Click here for the upcoming events.

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