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Private Sessions

Your own breath is the Key…

the breath journey

Since every person is unique and we all have our own path to walk in life with all the life experiences we had so far, a lot of people want to dive deeper into this journey with personal care and attention.

If you have specific physical discomforts, emotional blockages, problems or stress and anxiety about a certain part of your life or you just want to let go of the past, clearance about the future – while enjoying the Present Moment, then we can do a one to one journey together.

We will be able to dive even deeper into a breath journey then in a workshop or group session, because I will be focusing on your body, adjust and support where needed with guidance.

How does your Individual Breath Journey looks like?

Breath analyze: observing your breathing pattern to identify where you have any blockages
Body movement: we will look at your posture to see where you might block your natural breath flow
Intention and goal: setting a clear intention of what you want more of in your life, or what you want to let go of
Homework: specific breathing exercises for you that you can do easily in daily life
Coaching: to get inspired, to get a different view on things and to feel supported and safe where needed
The Breath Journey: your own, unique journey on the rhythm of your own breath with full attention and care

Your session will be held in a relaxing and safe space and normally lasts between an 2 up to 2,5 hours. You will lie on a comfortable ‘breathing space’ on the floor and you remain fully clothed. Every session is different but, rest assured, you will always feel safe, supported and transformed by the breath. We will bring awareness in your breath pattern so you will enjoy the benefits of this session long after.

Result will show after 1 session but if you really want to work on specific things, my suggestion is to follow the 3 or 5 day journey. These will be spread with some time in between, to integrate the work that you will do, to become more aware and to be more present with yourself and your breath in daily life. 


Feel free to contact me at or +31 (0)622108327 to schedule your appointment and for further details or use the contact form on this website. 

Contact me for details of current locations and possibilities. 


1 Private session = €60,- all in and will take 2 – 2,5 hours