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What Yoga Teachers say after collaborating and experiencing The Breath Journey

Well it’s been 3 days since my Breath Journey experience and I am still digesting it. This was honestly one of the best experiences in my life! I had an immense release in so many ways: I cried a lot, breathed like never before, felt a tremendous amount of energy in every fibre of my being, I almost felt as though I had an out of body experience, it’s so difficult to describe. I know I have more to release and so I am looking forward to continuing my Breath Journey! Nadine is an inspiration she has taught me how to create more space within. I feel lighter and freer with every breath I take. Namaste x
Vanessa - - Yoga Works Teacher
Nadine, thank you for this amazing experience. We were guided by you in a professional and loving way. You created a safe and secure space for us to surrender to this special breath journey. There is more space and insight in emotions and patterns. Very special experience! Namaste
Soon Ja -
The rhythm of the breath and the higher state of consciousness becoming one.
Highly recommended to live this special trip, will enchant the body and spirit , it’s a unique high-level practice. Nadine, thank you for this amazing experience. To my soul sister *Namaste*
Katherina -
A must experience! And more than once, for each time is different. Releasing different emotions, blockages. My first journey was a grande one! Lots of physical sensations, sounds, smells and colours. I felt safe with Nadine there guiding us and it really was an unexpected experience. As a yoga Instructor I work with breath, but not like this. The second time was calm and soft, very inner and deep and I even released a cold virus! Again felt secure and protected, as if the breath knows where it takes you… 
Yes in our Breath we trust    Thank you Nadine! 
Rebecca - Ashtanga Yoga Cyprus
I experienced The Breath Journey as an encounter with myself and I am grateful to have experienced this workshop! Nadine is presenting a strong concept. Yoga, explanation, a journey with the breath and exchanging experiences. With her loving, enthusiastic and committed presence she is showing you the way to the deeper layers within yourself. Highly recommended!
Karin -
the Netherlands
Smiling inside and out!! Never I have breathed as full and spacious as I did tonight ! I’ve always practiced the Yogic full breath, but have also always found that it didn’t flow and that it created some sort of tension… but tonight it was like a spontaneous powerful wave, that felt effortless.. it felt like I had connected with the original rhythm of my breath… that’s one of the main things i got out of tonight’s practice… Thanks Nadine You are a very talented, genuine and beautiful soul.. just being in your presence lifts my spirit even higher… love you !!!!!
Rachel - The Body & Soul Space